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Teacher Simon

My Story

Portrait Simon.png

Hello, my name is Simon and I teach German with joy and passion. My origin is Germany but I grew up in Austria. That helped me to get to know different cultures and ways to think. I got passionate about teaching and started teaching my own mother language for fun and to help others. The first time I started teaching in a refugee camp, to help people to get integrated into society. I figured out that not just learning, also teaching a new language can bring joy because you are able to make new connections and friendships. 

I discovered a big need to teach my own language German. So, I dedicated myself to teach it. Over several years I had the chance to work with children, teenagers, and adults and it was a pleasure to see how each one developed new language skills with joy and in a fun way. I am convinced that everybody can master to learn a new language, although we are all different in the way we learn. If you desire to open your world and if you are ready to discover a new culture, I will welcome you in my online classes. 
See you soon!!!

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