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How long does it take to get fluent in Spanish?

Becoming fluent depends on the person who is learning Spanish. Here are some language fluency tips many have found useful to advance in any language:

  • Learn the right words, the right way.

  • Learn cognates: your friend in every single language.

  • Realize that adults are actually better language learners than kids.

  • Expand your vocabulary with mnemonics.

  • Embrace mistakes.

  • Learn to sound more native.

Tim Ferris best-selling author and polyglot says, “To understand 95% of a language and become conversationally fluent may require months of applied learning; to reach the 98% threshold could require 10 years. There is a point of diminishing returns where, for most people, it makes more sense to acquire more languages (or other skills) vs. add a 1% improvement per 5 years.” – Tim Ferris

We recommend having a goal to become comfortable enough to have a fluent conversation. Whether you are working to develop native-level or conversational fluency, Online Global classroom have native Spanish bilingual teachers ready to help you with your journey!

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