We take pride in our grassroots. Shantel Alford, founder of Online Global Classroom, was born in Dallas, Texas, but was brought up in a small southern US town. She holds a degree in Travel, Tourism and Management as well as TEFL/TESOL certification. Hers has been a nomadic life as she connected with people and cultures in more than 30 countries all over the world. As a young adult she moved to Italy where she taught English to professionals and other adults. Later she was awarded a cultural-enrichment scholarship to study Chinese in Taiwan. After completing her studies, she remained in Asia for several years, teaching English in schools and online to executives.

She understands the journey and plateau for learning a language and has used her wealth of knowledge and experience to build a platform online, pairing learners with native educators. Appropriately, our mantra is, "We teach more than a language; we teach a culture." We do not believe that a person can truly grasp one without understanding the other. 

Online Global Classroom was founded with one purpose - to establish an online community for learners to improve their language skills through cultural enrichment with native educators. We look forward to helping you on your journey to learn a new language and culture!


from United States

I teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Hello! My name is Victoria. Languages are such an exciting part of life. Learning a new language opens many doors of opportunities and I would love to help you start your journey. I am from the United States. In my free time I love to travel, cook, bake and read. I am currently trying to learn Spanish, so I can understand the patience and practice you need to master a new language. My classes can be customized to fit your needs, I am here to help you reach your goal!


from United States

I teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Hello and Welcome! My name is Teacher Autumn and I am from Texas, USA. I have over 10 years experience working with children and 5 years in the classroom both physically and virtually. I also have experience teaching abroad in Spain with ELL's. I have taught all subjects but have my calling with math! I love helping students create and lay the foundation for their learning and seeing them reach their potential. I really value authentic experiences and quality content for all students.  My approach will help students academically and socially.  So sit back and sign up! See you soon.


from United States

I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and Spanish. Originally from the Midwest section of the United States, I currently live in South America. While my native language is English, I am involved in volunteer work in Spanish and Ecuadorian Sign Language. Because I truly understand the language learning experience, I strive to be kind and patient with my students. Altogether I have almost forty years of language practice. What is your target language? No matter what your language level is, I can help you reach your goal with both English or Spanish. My classes cover pronunciation, grammar, accent reduction and much more. I hope that you choose me as your language tutor.



from Colombia

I teach Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL). ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? My name is Libary. I am a Spanish and English tutor born and raised in Colombia. However, I moved to Ecuador three years ago and I have more than seven years of experience teaching languages. I can teach you a lot about the Latino and South American culture! I had the opportunity to live in the United States for some time, and I currently teach languages online, as well as at a university in Ecuador. What language would you like to learn? Don’t hesitate to start classes with me! You will not regret it!



from Bolivia

I teach Spanish. Hola ¿Qué tal? My name is Valeria. I live in Bolivia and Spanish is my mother tongue. I will adjust to your Spanish level and adapt my teaching methods to your learning style. I will have curriculum prepared for you, but I am flexible so if you would like to learn something in particular. I will be very happy to help you and I have several years of teaching experience with both children and adults. I know how frustrating learning a new language can be sometimes, so I am here to help. I will make sure that you have a positive and fun experience while learning. ¡ Hasta pronto!



from Brasil

I teach Portuguese. E aí! Beleza? My name is Amanda, I am from Brazil.  I am a native Portuguese teacher and I adapt my classes according to your needs, level, and goals.  I would love the opportunity to share with you my language and have it become your language!  I can teach you "Brazilian" culture, especially our funny expressions!  I believe that it is important to have fun while learning, this is crucial because it will help to you stay motivated and you will be surprised at how quickly you progress. I look forward to helping you learn Portuguese! Até mais!


from Taiwan

I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and Chinese. Originally from Taiwan, I lived in the U.S.A. since 13, and currently I’m based in Taiwan where I teach business and conversational English. Coming from a business, sales, and investor communications background, I strive to help my students with what had helped me excel at work. I would love to help you learn either English or Chinese. My lessons cover e-mail writing, partaking and managing video calls, conversation, executive coaching, and much more. Please feel free to send me any questions you may have. I’m looking forward to working with you soon!



from Canada

I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and Chinese. Hello and Ni hao! Although my native country is Canada, I have lived in Taiwan for thirteen years. I would love to help you learn either English or Chinese, so that you can see how much fun it is to speak like a local. I understand what it’s like to start at the beginning, and how to push through those plateaus. I am ready to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process with lessons tailored to your personal language learning goals. 


from Taiwan

I teach Chinese. Ni hao! I was born and raised in Taiwan, so Chinese is my native language. I am very familiar with Chinese culture. In our lessons you will be able to decide what you want to learn, and I will customize a practical lesson plan for you. I can help you unlock the mystery of Chinese characters! Learning Chinese is not just about learning the language, but I can connect you with the Chinese culture and even teach you how to use chopsticks. You will see that you don’t need to spend a lot of time, to learn many new things. Try out my language class today!


from Taiwan

I teach Chinese. My name is Sunny. 

I enjoy traveling, learning about different cultures as well as new languages.  I have traveled to many countries and enjoy meeting new people. As a Chinese tutor, my goal is to help learners feel comfortable and confident to speak Chinese. I also work to help them improve their language skills or start from the beginning. English is my third language, so I truly understand the language learning experience as well as the challenges of learning another language. What is your goal? My class covers pronunciation, grammar, culture, and much more. I hope that you choose me as your language tutor.


from Japan

I teach Japanese. My name is Mai. I am originally from Tokyo and my native language is Japanese. I currently live in the United States and can relate to the challenges of learning another language. I have taught Japanese for many years and will make a personalized lesson plan for you based on your goals. No matter what your language level is, I can help you feel more comfortable speaking as well as constructing sentences. I would love the opportunity to help you build and expand your Japanese skills.


from Laos

I teach Laotian. My name is Sonexay. I am originally from Laos and my native language is Laotian. I live in Vientiane and have taught Laotian to people of all backgrounds almost twenty years.  I want to help you speak Lao and look forward to meeting you soon!. 

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